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English Writing Tips From Supaproofread

Our proofreaders and editors have compiled a number of writing tips to help you understand some of the most annoying and confusing mix-ups that we get asked about all the time.

These writing tips are easy to read, short and to the point. We want you to be aware of the information quickly. They're easy to read and you can print them off if you need to. Remember, Supaproofread editors and proofreaders are available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, so you can submit your work anytime.


  1. Difference between who's and whose

  2. Acronyms and Initialisms – what are they?

  3. Should I use 'who' or 'whom'?

  4. 'You and me' vs. 'You and I'

  5. Underlining – When not to use it

  6. Difference between Where, Were & We're

  7. Should I use There, Their, or They're?

  8. Does appearance really matter when it comes to written material?

  9. Common Writing Mistakes

  10. Main differences between American English and British English

  11. 'An hotel' or 'A hotel'?

  12. Essay Writing Tips

  13. 'Space, what space?' How much to use in your written material

  14. Difference between 'Which' & 'That'

  15. Semicolons (;) or Commas (,)?

  16. 10 Tips to Proofreading Your Paper

  17. Why 'i.e.' and 'e.g.' are different

  18. Top 10 Blog Writing Tips