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Academic Journal Article Editing

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After researching, analysing and toiling over your subject and making a painstaking effort to produce a paper that documents your findings for publication, how will you feel when it gets rejected for errors that could have been eliminated by an academic proofreader?

Indeed, academia is a publish or perish, sink or swim world. You can not afford to sit back while your peers forge ahead.

Putting an enormous amount of effort into taking the next step in your career, you must be sure that unnecessary mistakes don't end up costing you dearly.


As with any kind of writing, it's always important to have a fresh pair of eyes review your paper once you have finished. Another individual may be able to detect the errors and unclear passages that you, as the writer, fail to notice due to your intimate knowledge of the material.

We all know that you can't always rely on a favour from a colleague to ensure a thorough read-through.

At Supaproofread, all of our academic proofreaders and editors have a sharp eye and reluctance to let any mistake go unmissed. Delving deep into your paper or other academic material, they will ensure mistakes are corrected and your documents follow style guidelines and flow properly.

Also, they will consider the point of the article and its argument, and the organization of the material to see that it is clear and makes sense.


You can also be confident that your written material will be treated confidentially.


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