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Top 10 Blog Writing Tips For Writers & Editors

The computer industry changes so often that new words are constantly created to describe new concepts or techniques. The word “blog” is a computer term that has become very popular recently. Blogs are basically chronological online publications that are updated frequently and contain the writer’s personal opinions and lots of web links. It’s almost as if you’re reading a writer’s personal online journal entries.

Bloggers tend to write in a different style than traditional writers because their readers are online. Blog writers/editors need to keep their particular audience in mind when they create their posts.


Here are 10 useful blog writing tips online writers and editors can use:

  1. Present Your Opinion – Everyone has an opinion & blog readers want to know yours.

  2. Be Brief – the attention span of online readers is much shorter so keep your blog posts short. Remember, less is best when you’re blog writing.

  3. Include Bulleted Lists – lists make information quicker and easier for online readers to absorb.

  4. Include Numerous Links – online blog readers like to read your posts and then click on provided links for additional information on the subject.

  5. Be Passionate – choose a familiar subject you feel very passionate about. Blog readers want to read passionate posts that reveal the personality of the writer.

  6. Use Short Paragraphs – Online readers want to find information in a matter of seconds, so break your posts up with short paragraphs separated by headings and subheadings.

  7. Be Original – You will attract more readers if you write creative blogs from a unique perspective and distinguish yourself from other bloggers.

  8. Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines – Convince people to read your blog by creating thought-provoking or catchy headlines.

  9. Edit Your Post – Make sure you verify all facts included in your blog, and remember to spell check and proofread before you post.

  10. Include Keywords – Use lots of popular keywords in your blogs to attract a larger number of online readers.