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Professional Website Proofreading & Editing

Website Proofreading & Editing Services

Own a website?

Not sure whether it's up to the standrad of the world?

Notice that mistake? We definitely would!

Let Supaproofread.com take a look at your website and review all your text and logos to see if your content 'flows' properly.

Will your homepage entice people to learn more about what you offer or will visitors be disheartened and leave because they read "pubic services" instead of "public services" an offer of a "newletter" rather than a "newsletter"?


Why use our services to proofread and edit your website?

Our professional proofreaders and editors are experienced in proofreading and editing webpage copy. We understand that people perceive, read and comprehend words and content differently when it appears online, rather than in printed form.

Furthermore, content that has been added to a webpage without being adapted to suit online reading may make it unsuitable for web presence. This can often have a very negative effect on the activity of your website.

The experienced website editors and proofreaders at Supaproofread appreciate that each and every word of the web copy they edit needs to fully integrate with the website as a whole.

Reading on a computer screen can strain your eyes. When reading online, people tend to jump from heading to heading and scan text to find relevant information.

Proofreading and editing online uses similar techniques as hard-copy written formats. User-friendly language, paragraph titles and lists and summaries are recommended The strategic placement of specific links providing more detailed information pages on products and services mentioned, whether within the site or leading to an external web resource are also used.

Interested and want to learn more? Take a look at Jakob Neilsen's website which identifies the content web users read on the internet. The site also provides additional information regarding writing on the web for usability.

As well as checking your content for typographical errors, grammatical inconsistencies and spelling anomalies, our professional website editors will ensure your website copy is strong, consistent and clear. They will also analyse your copy in terms of overall impact, user-friendliness and consistency; this will enable you to communicate exactly what you want to the visitors on your site.


We will send you a word processor file with all the corrections and revisions for your website which you or your webmaster can then implement. No worrying about your website's code being accidentally changed, no requiring FTP access or concern over file transfers.


What's involved?

Proofreading is usually the final stage of the web page publishing process; it involves checking everything before your website goes 'live'!  Spellcheckers are fairly effective, but they only go so far. For example, they would recognize "hole" to be a correct word when you wanted it to read "whole".

We ensure these mistakes aren't transferred to your written content. We will correct your webpages for spelling, grammar mistakes, language usage and other inconsistencies.

Editing a webpage includes checking the elements contained in the proofreading service with some additional aspects. An experienced editor will review your documents and re-write when necessary to achieve clarity and consistency in your web copy.



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Website Copywriting Service

Writing about your own company is a daunting task. Selling your own products and services in the online world is even harder. Let a writer at Supaproofread develop content from your rough draft to produce a well-written copy that suits your needs.


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