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English Writing Resources

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Below you'll find some relevant resources that will help you with your written English. It really doesn't matter if you're a student, academic, business professional, book author or an individual learning how to write better in English, there's going to be an article, video or download that you can read which will help you.



Articles on Writing Better English

Some things in the English language are confusing, aren't they? Which Where (were, or even we're) do you use? And do you put the full stop (period) inside or outside of the speech marks? Confused? See our articles on writing better, to improve your English.

Here are a few more that you might be interested in:



Academic Writing Resources

You're studying at university and you want to know more information about what will help you. We've set out a few different academic writing guides to help you.



Quick English Writing Tips

You're currently in the middle of writing something or you're having a debate with a few friends about whether you use who or whose. Our quick English tips section allows you to get to the answer of some annoying problems lots of individuals have with the language. It doesn't matter whether you use American, British, Canadian or Australian as your form of English language writing and learning, as we've provided tips on a general use. But, if you insist on knowing the difference then we've also provided some short pointers on the differences between American and British English.

Some others include:



Careers Resources

If you're currently looking for work, or you really need to spruce up your CV/Resume then our careers centre can offer you helpful advice such as what information really needs to be in your curriculum vitae and how you'll excel at interviews when you're looking for a job that suits you.

See the careers centre here.



Author & Writer Resources

If you're an author or a writer and you want to either produce your own content or you're looking towards self-publishing your work, then our writers' resources page will provide you with some much needed resources.



Supaproofread's English Writers' Blog

Our blog is packed full of informative articles and posts. No matter what area of English you are writing in, you'll be able to pick up some tips and tricks on Supaproofread's resources blog for English writers.



Fun Stuff in English

If you are intrigued by the English language and you want to review some fun psychological annmalies then take a look at our fun stuff in English page. The information on there is quite informative.