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English Editing & Proofreading Services For ESL Speakers

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Writing in English as your second language can often be very daunting. How do you know when you should use where, were or wear; there, their or they're? This is confusing, even for people who use English as their first language.

Many of our clients are ESL writers, whether studying in the UK, United States, Australia or other parts of the world. Some are authors who prefer their writing to be in English and others are on exchange programmes that require they write in English.

If you are learning English as a second language or are studying an English degree in an English university, then having your documents proofread and edited by an ESL proofreader is a must.

Do you feel you are losing valuable time writing and re-writing your presentations and other documents, only to discover that people are confused when they read them?

Well, Supaproofread.com can help you. Our ESL proofreading and editing service is specifically designed to help those who speak and write in English as a second language, and will especially help ESL students studying in the UK and USA. We won't charge you the crazy amounts that other sites often do to proofread and edit your academic work.


Our ESL Team

All of our esl proofreaders and editors have extensive knowledge and experience working with people who use English as their second language. All are native-English speakers and have completed a higher degree awarded by a university in the UK, Canada or United States.


What Are The Benefits?

  • Your written English will improve

  • You will take more risks with your written work if you know that your document will be checked by a professional

  • Your vocabulary will grow and grammatical knowledge of the English language will improve

  • You will ensure your written material is clear and understandable

  • You will be confident you are sending the right message in the right tone to your readers

  • You will receive honest feedback regarding the structure, coherence, clarity and grammatical correctness of your writing

  • You will receive assistance at your convenience, 24 hours a day

  • You will save significant time, energy and peace of mind knowing that your written work will say what you want it to say


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What happens when I send you my document?

Most spelling and grammar programs fail to pick up the incorrect usage of words. For example, an electronic tool may fail to realise that the word were should have been where.

Our English editing service checks basic spelling, punctuation and grammar usage of the esl writer.

This service includes a review of the overall sentence and paragraph structure, organizational flow, coherence (logical/progression), clarity, tone and style of your document.

We will also correct any syntax errors and edit your document using appropriate vocabulary by reviewing repetition, ambiguity and redundant words. Preserving your “voice” and combating any rambling in your work is a key factor in this service.





Confused about the English Language? Take a look at our writings tips section and browse our articles area. They will provide you with invaluable information and guidance in regards to writing in the English language. Why not let us help you succeed in your academic progression by reading our free undergraduate and postgraduate information sheets in Supaproofread’s academic resources?