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Editing & Proofreading For Authors/ Writers

Manuscript and Book Copyediting Services

Does your book require a final check with a fresh pair of eyes?


Do you need an unbiased professional book editor to take a look?


It's been a long journey, you have devoted so much time and effort that a part of you is in your manuscript. What you have created tells your story in your own way. Now, you are ready to send it out to the world so it can stand on its own against harsh critics and incredible odds.

However, you have worked too closely with your own manuscript to be the best person to proofread and edit it. You know the story – you have become blind to the errors and your brain relaxes, letting you read what you want to see instead of what is actually there. That's why you need an independent professional editor to take a look!

The manuscript editors at Supaproofread.com know how hard you have worked and will take great care to ensure that your work is protected whilst in our care. We will give your book the final check and polish, whilst communicating and accepting your input. The suggestions we make for any changes are explained by our editors and are made only with your approval.

Communication between you and your book editor is paramount. We are committed to providing our customers with a professional and high-quality book proofreading and editing service. We provide more than just error correction for your writing; structural and organisational editing is just as important.


We will handle any length of manuscript, including:

  • Full-Length Novel
  • Single/ Multiple Novel Chapters
  • Scripts/ Screenplays
  • Outlines/ Synopsis
  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Ebooks
  • Kindle Books (for Amazon)
  • Education Materials
  • Self-help Books
  • Textbooks

Our manuscript editing service has been designed to help clean up your work. A professional editor will help you to identify any weak points and other issues so you can improve your final manuscript.

The result – a stronger and much improved manuscript that will be free of spelling, grammatical and typographical errors; we will tidy these up so you can concentrate on what is important: your creative process.

There’s no need to worry – we won't rewrite your story, and you'll be able to clearly see what changes and suggestions the editor has made, thus giving you total control. You’ll be learning too! By seeing our changes, you'll be able to learn from what has been suggested, which leads to you becoming a better writer.

At this stage, we know how hard you have worked on your manuscript, so you can be sure that we will keep your files secure. We will never make a claim on your copyright, and we will keep your personal information private.

If you still have questions, why not take a look through our author FAQ section for more information.