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Does Appearance Really Matter When It Comes To Writing?


Let’s face it – in today’s world, looks do count. Plastic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the large number of individuals who are obsessed with their appearance. Well, appearance counts just as much in the world of writing. Although the content is the most important element of writing, your documents also need to look good. You will gain credibility with readers if your writing is visually and factually appealing.


Font Choice

One of the most important ways to improve the readability and visual appearance of your documents is to choose a suitable font. Make sure the font is large enough to be clearly visible. Choose fairly plain fonts for the body of the text and save fancier, more decorative fonts for the title or headings of the document. If you choose too detailed a font for the rest of the content, it will be hard to read and distracting.



There is nothing worse than trying to read a document littered with typos and spelling mistakes. Not only is this very distracting to the reader, but it also projects a very poor image. Readers will start to lose credibility in your writing if they begin to notice numerous spelling errors. There is absolutely no excuse for this, given that most programs include a convenient spell checker. One simple press of a button will detect many of the errors. Just make sure to manually review the final document after you have performed a spell check.



Grammatical errors and poorly worded sentences can completely ruin an otherwise well-written document. Readers want to focus on the engaging content of your prose, not the errors! Take a little extra time to carefully proofread your entire document once you have completed the final revision. It is also helpful to enlist another person to proofread as well. A fresh set of eyes will often detect errors you may have failed to notice.