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Academic Writing Guides For University/College Students

Below, we've put together some interesting resources for writers who are new to the industry, as well as those of you who are experienced in your field, but would like some extra sources of information.


Encarta Online
An online version of the Encarta Dictionary, this site also provides pronunciation guides and links to the Encarta Encyclopedia.


Publishing your book couldn't be any easier with Lulu.com.


A useful resource where you can learn how to get your book published, or if your book is already in print you can promote it.


The premiere writing community for readers and writers of all interests and skill levels.  It doesn't matter whether you are a casual reader searching for a great story or an enthusiastic writer looking for a really good place to display your masterpiece, writing.com has some interesting resources and advice.


Provides a broad array of tools and advice to help authors make their own choices when wanting to publish their own book/manuscript.  They have excellent resources and will even send you a free publishing guide.


A range of writing tips for authors and writers. Improve the layout of your manuscripts.