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Masters & PhD Thesis/Dissertation Editing and Proofreading

picture of a PhD graduate in cap and gown

Professional proofreading and editing services are especially helpful if you are a PhD candidate student who is currently completing a doctoral thesis and degree in academia.

If you are a Master's degree student completing your dissertation research paper, having a professional academic editor review your document is a wise decision.

Working on your paper at either level means you have spent a lot of time and care extensively researching your subject and then writing your thesis/dissertation for submission.

As the author of this academic document you need to express your ideas clearly, logically and concisely to the reader. Because you have put such a great deal of effort into these tasks, you are often too close to effectively evaluate the content and flow of your research paper.

Having editors with an academic background enables us to consider your work from a different viewpoint to ensure the finalised version has a more polished and professional appeal. You want to ensure that the coherence in your argument and clarity and consistency are maintained throughout your work.


Professional Academic Editors

We have been working with PhD candidates and Master's students since 2005, helping them attain a higher standard of writing and providing professional dissertation editing and proofreading.

All of our academic editors are highly experienced in their field of study, having researched, written and presented numerous research papers. They know what an academic dissertation supervisor and dissertation committee want from potential student candidates.

We understand how important your research paper is to you and our professional dissertation editors work hard to ensure your finished paper is at a high standard. The end result is a happier marker and a more successful dissertation thesis.


What we do for you

Our process revolves around the following elements:

  • Structure and coherent arguments
  • Correct spelling and logical grammar
  • Format style and ensure consistency
  • Provide improvement suggestions



If you’re an international student, and English is an additional language for you, then our ESL editing service is more appropriate.



Your Research Paper is Important

When you submit your thesis, an editor will review your document for spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. You will also be given advice on the overall sentence and paragraph structure, clarity, structural and organizational flow, coherence, tone and style of your paper.

This service is for individuals who want to ensure their dissertation thesis shines as a research paper, identifies their findings clearly, and contributes to the academic community.