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Employment FAQ


Is this a site where I compete with others on jobs/projects?

No. We're a language services organisation, rather than a freelance work exchange, employment portal, marketplace, or client to editor job match site.


Do I have to pay to work for you?

No. There are no administration or joining fees.


Will I have to do any free sample edits for you before I am accepted? I have been told these sometimes get farmed out to potential applicants?

We do issue a test to all applicants, but that's just what it is, a test. We don't split a document up and send out small chunks to potential editors. We leave the less professional rogue companies to do that. That is not what we are all about.


Why should I work for you?

We offer you the opportunity to work from your own home, pick and choose which assignments you want to work on that relate to your field of expertise.  We also pay promptly.


How can I find out if I'm right for you?

Just visit our Employment section for a list of our employment requirements.


I filled in the application form a while ago and still haven't heard anything? What is happening?

Either we have found you unsuitable, or we have filed your application until we start our next recruitment campaign.


Can you tell me where to find a proofreading/editing course?

Yes. The Publishing Training Centre has a list of courses available.