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Academic Writing Guides For University/College Students

Supaproofread.com is here to offer advice on essays, theses and dissertations. From start to finish, whether you're just starting out in your research, or want some simple advice on how to back up your conclusions; we're here to help.


How to Write an Essay

This guide helps you to stay focused on the main point of your essay – the title. It takes you step by step through researching and writing your essay, imparting advice on structuring your research in a way that makes writing the essay easier. You will also learn the most useful places to research and ways to write your essay that will gain you the highest marks.


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Writing and Presenting a Thesis/Dissertation

This is a step by step guide taking you through the whole process from the original thesis idea to the final stages of writing up your thesis. You will discover specific practical advice on writing your research proposal and defending and developing that; then you will be guided through the suggested contents for each section of your dissertation.


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How to Organize Your Thesis/Dissertation

Through a discussion of the underlying purposes of a thesis or dissertation you will be shown how to give your examiners exactly what skills they are looking for you to demonstrate in each section of your dissertation report. You will be presented with a specimen dissertation framework and given guidance on the expected content of each section which you can follow for your own dissertation.


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How to Write a PhD Dissertation

This is a step by step guide to organizing and writing up your dissertation report. You will learn what to include in each section of your dissertation and the correct language to use. You will be given specific guidance on words to avoid and the tone for which you should aim in your dissertation report. You will find out what information you should include within each chapter of your dissertation.


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Preventing Plagiarism in Your Work

This is simple guide provides you with an overview of what plagiarism actually is and how you can prevent plagiarism in your academic work.


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