The Dynamics of Writing an Article: And How it Applies to Today

The art of writing articles has changed a bit due to the internet explosion. Yes, it still works the same way in many of the traditional venues. But, articles have changed mainly because of article submission sites and blogs. Many people in the internet world consider blogs to be articles and in some ways they […]

The Language of Pop Culture – Should You Use Proper English Only?

Should we use street lingo in our writing or not? Is our use of fashionable vernacular simply lazy English or a case of reflecting reality and freeing expression from the constraints of grammar Nazi’s? There are as ever, two sides to the argument for and against the use of improper English; slang, street words, internet […]

Beginning a Conversation with Your Intended Audience…PT 2

See how I did that? Drew you right into my conversation didn’t I? That’s one way you begin a conversation with your intended audience. No, I’m not giving away confidential secrets of the government. I’m not about ready to divulge the ancient secrets of a sacred society that lives among us as quiet and beneficial […]

Beginning a Conversation with Your Intended Audience

Try to begin a conversation with your intended audience. This isn’t a trick. It’s a way of thinking. When you write, you are intending to communicate a message to someone. But, some writers either forget that basic premise or they just never knew it in the first place. A beginning writer or one who will […]

What are Features and Benefits?

A feature is something identifiable with a product or service e.g. the new Mondeo has alloy wheels as standard; KPMG provides international tax consultancy services; ERH is a man. Alloy wheels, international tax consultancy and man are all features. By themselves they mean absolutely sod all! Benefits are the result of product/service features applied to […]

The Writer’s Journey

I remember the first thing I wrote. It was when I was about six years old. I wrote a poem about people slipping on banana peels and oil slicks. It was called “Slick Move” and it launched my writing career. I’ve written all my life. With everything I was doing throughout my life, I was […]