Why should you critique your own writing?

Writing gives a two dimensional structure a three dimensional look. It creates visuals in the mind of your readers. It gives some form to a non-existent structure. Once put down in print, you have actually captured and contained it. Your idea has been made presentable. The more you do it, the more you are able to do it and it thus becomes easier for you to churn out writings and express yourself through words. Use words that you have learned in your mind to express your ideas. You really don’t have to wait until you learn the perfect words. The words that you have right now are enough; one can always refine everything later.

You should allow your writing to be free flowing. You should not stop yourself from putting whatever you are thinking into writing. Just write down whatever thoughts come into your mind about the subject. Make notes. Jot down all your ideas and phrases as they occur to you, and as an open minded writer, you should always keep a pad where you can write down notes where ever you go. It’s much easier to build upon existing material than it is to create it from nothing. Editing can always be done and refined later. You will generally find that you have an abundance of things to write about when you plan things this way.

One has to nourish the feeling of self worth if one wants to write a good article. If one was not in need of authentication as a writer, one could charmingly doodle, happily creating lots of potential articles. There is a need for self validation, then only talent and acquired knowledge will flow naturally. One must resist the temptation to make “a piece” out of it. Just keep doodling. If one detaches, the piece will seem to write for itself. One must also feel free to throw things away as it is not good to become too attached to your writing.

It sometimes may happen that you may not have anything to write about for a few days and then all of a sudden you can have three to five article ideas that pop up in a single day. You can put them all together first and then for the next few days, all you simply need to do is to edit and rework those articles into completion. Your intention determines the number of articles that you can do. When you set an intention to create six articles per week, you will generally find that with each passing day you receive information that will help you to create those articles. Anything can be done with intention.

Never consider any of your writing to be rubbish because you are not satisfied with it. Wait for a while and you never know it may look better with a little bit of editing. Remember that all knowledge is contained within. Just give yourself sometime, think about what you want to write and you will be enlightened with ideas you never thought you could write.