Pet Peeves: Because Correct Grammar is Simply Forgotten Sometimes

There are always going to be mistakes that start innocently enough, but grow into universal usage. The internet helps propagate this because it is full of informal forms of communication that lead to the wide spread growth of common mistakes. Chat rooms and emails are very convenient forms of informal communication where people throw the […]

The Five Most Common Errors

Grammatical errors can show you up to be disinterested in your writing. They can detract your credibility and make your work look immature. In cases of blog writing or creating web copy, the case is pretty much the same. People will not read your blog, or subscribe/link to your blog if you make silly mistakes […]

The Loneliness of a Long Distance Writer

Are words best written alone? I’m pretty sure that my title is not an original one. Writing requires concentration and effort especially if like me, writing has been something to do as part of a job rather than something performed for pleasure. The truth is that as a professional writer, and by that I mean […]

Writing Tips – Addition to Supaproofread

You will see that we are constantly updating the site with new and interesting content. We’ve just added the writing tips section, which provides hints and tips for writers, whether you’re writing for business, academia, yourself or your employer. These tips range from 10 tips to proofreading you paper to the main differences between […]