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A Mathematical Approach to Writing

With due acknowledgement to Professor DJ Higham University of Strathclyde For many years I have used mathematics as a hobby for intellectual stimulation and as something I was not very good at while in school, I find it a challenge. It came as something of a surprise that I found what has become for me

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Americanisms Suck! Unless They’re Your Audience…..

Know Your Audience The majority of my work targets an American audience and that means Standard English has to blow this particular pop stand. When I take on a piece of work I always ask for the language to be used is specified. If the piece is for British, European or Australasian consumption then my

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Selling Yourself As a Writer

When you offer your writing services you are selling yourself. If you have some notion that you are a writer and not a salesperson then carry on with your day job. If you are serious about writing for a living you are the one who is ultimately responsible for promoting your work. Taking on paid

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The Fear of Rejection

Being told “No” just brings you one step closer to being told “Yes” If you have now put together a writing portfolio to provide prospective clients with samples of your work you’re ready for the next step, which is to start asking for paid projects. Asking for a paid project is for many a step

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Who’s Going To Pay Me To Write?

Right now, at this very moment, we are living in a time when there is unprecedented demand for written content. Demand is so high that even a Third World native with a very basic mastery of English can make a good living from writing. As a native English speaker, you are going to have a

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Is My Writing Good Enough To Get Me Paid?

Two years ago I was given my very first piece of paid writing work. I made a complete hash of it but fortunately my principal was very understanding and took the time to show me exactly what he wanted. Since that first faltering step I’ve become more confident and adept at producing work that clients

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