Read This Now – It’s for YOU!

Read this because it’s for you – yes, YOU!

You’re here because you write and are looking for some perspective and resources. I know that because this is a writing site and blog – easy enough for me to know who you are.

Now ask yourself this question – Why are you reading this NOW?

It’s a dominating, eye-catching headline for this post so you read the first line above – the first line reiterates this post is for you again. Now we are getting into why you’re still reading this post.

You’re still reading this post because the headline caught your eye, you managed to get engaged with the first line of the post and you became intrigued or hooked just enough to continue reading.

My Point is Simple!!

You have on average ten seconds – 10 SECONDS – to snag the attention of a web page reader. That is just enough time to read a headline, evaluate whether to read further and perhaps finish the first line of your piece. The most important piece of your commission will be the title followed closely by the first line you scribble. The rest is just wasted bytes of memory stashed on a server somewhere unless you get these two components of your writing right.

Don’t bugger about with web copy – Sales 101 lesson here – AIDA

Attention – grab it with your title and first line

Interest – create that with your first line and first paragraph

Decision – use your piece to identify what the decision is that the reader needs to take and what the CORRECT decision is at that

Action – call to action with the end of your piece – “BUY THIS NOW AND GET 25% OFF TODAY ONLY!”

Your decision is whether you are going to carry on ignoring basic sales techniques in creating web content or start making some money for your client by following them.

This is not a pretty post, but it does the job – tell me what you think today and win a free bonus!