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Planning a Document

Anyone who travels around a lot knows that planning contributes towards making the trip a success. Certainly, the unplanned jaunts and routes taken in a trip come as side-kicks or bonuses— in both ways, making your trip ripe in experience. However, without the bone structure of planning you will fall face-down-in-the-earth. The foundations of any

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Wanna Study In The UK?

The UK is actually made up of four separate countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When you arrive in the UK, you’re assured of warm welcome and high levels of personal and academic support. If you are not sure whether you want to head to the UK for higher education, these are the

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Student Writing Advice: What You Need to do to Write Better

It is essential for student writers to maintain a schedule when they are enrolled in a college/university course that involves writing. You should set aside time to research and write everyday, I know it sounds strange but it’ll help, otherwise what generally happens is commotion and drastic things happen when you’re about to submit your

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A healthy salad for a freelance writer

Stay Healthy, Write Better

 Wondering what I am talking about? Okay, let me start off with an incident that took place last week. A friend of mine had to submit a manuscript the day after a heavy session the night before. Drink after drink, lots of food, partying late into the night; in short – the typical weekend party. The

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Dissertation – A Breakdown

You’ve chosen to complete a dissertation as part of an academic course (or you need to complete it to pass, so you’re getting stuck in anyway). There are a number of different things that you want to consider when you’re thinking about planning and writing your actual dissertation research paper.   Choose your topic carefully

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Top 10 Beginner Writing Tips

Writing in English as a beginner is always challenging. We’ve listed some short tips below.   1. Be Clear About What You’re Writing As a writer you need to be very clear in your mind about what you want to write about. If the concept and purpose of your intended material is steady and clear

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