Write Like You Have Never Written Before…

One of the most important aspects of writing is in the background research. No matter how well you know a subject there is always room for more knowledge. There are always going to be opinionated differences on the subject you are writing about, so acknowledge the opinion of others as well. After research has been done, it is essential for the writer to make a structure of what he or she wants to write. This helps you write with linear thought and allows you to experiment writing whenever you want. When you sit down to write, write what you know as this will give you confidence and your writing will become interesting (hopefully anyway).


Select your subject carefully

Choosing the right subject to write about is very important. We also have to know where to limit ourselves when we are writing about something we are passionate about. We cannot become carried away when writing for a topic that captures our interest. At the same time, do not tread into territories that you are unsure of, because this will be reflected in your writing even if you want to hide it in a mesh of a glorious profusion of words.


Analyse your writing

Be very critical of what you write. The more critical you are, the better you will be. If you are your worst critique, you will end up writing your best.


Original is always good

Being original is also very important. You might have a preference of your favourite writer, but you should not let that get reflect in your writing. One of the easiest ways of being original is cropping up new ideas and not writing about something that your favorite writer has already written about. Let your ideas speak volumes and provide evidence for your point of view; don’t allow yourself to fall in love with specific words, as this will lead to you over using them. Read what you’ve written, leaving out parts you question. If the piece still makes sense, leave out the excess.


Be funny and readers will like it

Use a bit of humor in your writing, but be careful of not making it a comic strip (unless you are writing one). Let your humor be kind and tasteful, as a light tone from time to time lowers a reader’s guard and opens them upto your ideas. Choose a title which can attract the attention of your readers. Depending on your topic, you may want to steer clear of a “cute” or “witty” title in favor of one that makes a clear promise of what is inside. Like the beginning, you must “end with a bang” because a strong ending leaves a reader with a lasting impression. A weak ending often ruins the hard labour that you have put behind the entire writing, so make sure your ending has i-m-p-a-c-t.


Don’t forget about those errors

Be very careful of grammatical errors, typos, punctuation and spelling mistakes and edit your writing to its best. Allowing no stone to be unturned when you make the final edit. Remember that “no one notices when a job is done well, but they see your mistakes clearly.” Keep this in mind and adhere to it and you will “write like you have never written before.”