Wanna Study In The UK?

Studying in the UK as a student photoThe UK is actually made up of four separate countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When you arrive in the UK, you’re assured of warm welcome and high levels of personal and academic support. If you are not sure whether you want to head to the UK for higher education, these are the reasons why you should go ahead.

An educational system that speaks for itself

UK education is respected throughout the world for its quality and consistently high standards. UK Universities and colleges provide a research-active environment, with the opportunity to learn from their academic mentors. It allows you to think for yourself and become independent (that’s important). It encourages skills which are in demand, and this is what attracts organizations from all over the globe (that’s important too). The unique quality assurance system that education in the UK gives you ensures accountability in all areas.

A home away from home

The added attraction of the UK is that outside the lecture hall it offers a very varied cultural and social life. It is also a safe and welcoming place for international visitors. Studying here allows you to meet students from all over the world and each student makes a unique contribution to the life of the institution, both academically and culturally.

Value for money

International education is a long-term investment. Considering the quality and international recognition of British qualifications, studying in the UK is excellent value for money. Tuition fees and living expenses are the two important factors to consider when selecting a college/University. These vary from one part of the UK to another. Students are attracted to the south, especially London, although the costs of living in the north are much lower than in the South of England. There are scholarships available for students as well, and it is also worth mentioning that there are many benefits available to international students that can make life in the UK more affordable:

NUS Discounts

The NUS or National Union of Students allows discounts on behalf of their members which can add upto almost 50% off anything such as books, clothes, stationery, food, travel and entertainment.

Free Healthcare

All international students staying in the UK for a period of six months or more qualify for free health-care through the National Health Service. Yes, and that means FREE HEALTH SERVICES.

Diversity of choice

A wide range of subjects are on offer in UK. Art and design, business, engineering and law to name a few; other interesting courses like Art history, Pop culture and other literary theory courses are also available. Current environmental issue related courses have also given students more choice to work with.

Earn while you learn

Students are permitted to work part-time during academic terms to support their stay in the UK. Finding a part-time job on campus or off campus is of no major concern as the University’s Student Union and other related departments provide full support to students. This reduces the expenses incurred by International students in a big way.

Once you are admitted to a UK University/College, you can earn about £4 – £5 per hour working a pert-time job. During term-time, you can work for 20 hours per week and during vacation time you can work as a full-time worker – 40 hours per week. So, this amounts to almost £5,500 in a year for people who opt to work. Quite a tidy sum of money considering it’s just part time work.

If these reasons satisfy you then get your bags packed and head for the UK to discover it and unravel its mysteries.

Not sure if the UK is for you? Don’t just take our word for it, visit international student’s UK blog. Here, Stephen (from Australia) tells us of his experiences whilst studying at Leeds University, in the UK.