The Importance of Creating Paraphernalia of Your Hobbies and Interests

a book and a rose
Know what you love to write.

There are many ways with which we can fuel our interests and writing. For instance, we all have our favorite hobbies and tastes. Let us take them one by one and research them. Whether it is chocolate, dogs, sports cars or butterflies, let us dig deep into our objects of adoration and find everything we can in our exploration. This work will include looking into encyclopedias, documentaries, journals, collecting articles, interesting representative mementos, collecting photographs, recording video and audio snippets….anything and everything.

Generally, we cannot conduct research of this kind during our daily schedule. Divide your time into two parts – the first being the research and the second on the different kinds of write-ups that you will be doing later.


Start to research your topics of interest until you have an entire gallery of facts, fiction, definitions and documentation. This of course, will take a bit of meditation and engaged persuasion, but do not stop until there is enough information for igniting your creative high. After you are satisfied with your treasure trove, being full of objects, articles and information, play around with them, mixing and matching them to create articles and ideas. For example, you can use genealogical information of your favorite chocolate brand, with a description of their early wrappers, in the form of an autobiographical monologue of that brand. Or, you can use hundreds of butterflies to create your own little short fairy tale. You can even keep information of a particular item, which you have researched. These types of writing, with technical or purely informational ideas, combine with fictional bits form an “imagist writing”. So, with practice, you can explore and learn this brand new style with ease.


The Writing

In any case, you will be able to write one or more researched essays on your favorite subjects, and the whole idea is to keep these researched materials, mementos, scraps or whatever information you have, in separate labeled cardboard boxes as your own personal paraphernalia on that subject. These will come in handy to fire your imagination anytime you need them. Just rummage through them whenever you want to spruce up an idea, find some new ones, or are feeling burned out in creative fluid. Use your self-created paraphernalia to fuel your own imagination when you need it the most. Think of it as a ‘think bank’ where you can store your best ideas. Also, it is important that you keep adding and restoring this bank with your interesting ideas, by replacing them with newer ones as they occur.