The First Draft: Writing With Precision And Passion!

Often, potentially brilliant pieces of writing are discarded because they seem amateurish and lack a ‘final polish’. We often end up spending very little time minute details, as silly mistakes can make even an amateur’s work look like one written by an expert, so long as it is edited correctly. Do not let your manuscript be an example of sloppy work, deep down you know that there is always room for improvement, even when you think you have given it your best shot.

Free your work from errors, even if you feel that you should leave your work, you might not notice that blatant mistake on page 54. Typing errors and bad sentence construction can serve as a source of humor to your editor, but it will never make them accept your work. I am sure it is more important to you to be accepted rather than to make people laugh! Hence, make sure your work is free from spelling and grammatical errors. The readability of your work will diminish if your writing is laden with them.

Sometimes, spelling and grammar checkers don’t help you with certain minor issues, like when to use quotation marks and how to punctuate around brackets. What I want to say here, is that it is important that you have your work proofread by a professional, such as one of the Supaproofread editors. You might ask me how that makes a difference. Well, it won’t make too much of a difference where these minor mistakes don’t matter to you. However, if they do, an editor can help you identify those little mistakes, which most people fail to notice. Using an editor from Supaproofread will not only enhance the quality of your work, it will make it more readable, logical and coherent.

I believe in the fact that writing stems from thinking, and that clear thinking leads to perfect writing. However, as much as you may aspire to be perfect from the very beginning, it just isn’t possible. Let’s face facts, no one was born a great writer, it is purely through constant practice and passion for writing, which allows you achieve perfection. So strive for perfection, and don’t ever be satisfied with your first draft.

Many people have difficulty in writing with confidence, as they feel that they are complete failures when it comes to writing, as all of their words aren’t perfect, but, that is simply not true! It is their first draft, which lets your ideas flow freely without worrying about spelling and grammar. It does not mean that you do not need to erase the mistakes later, but certainly, it’s the first draft that gives you a basic idea about your storyline. It’s the first draft, which ignites passion in you and makes you create stuff with your vivid imagination. Therefore, it’s no big deal if you write something initially and edit it a bit later. Besides, if you love writing, it’s never too late to become a better writer!