That Was the Week That Was

The last few days seem to have gone by in something of a whirl as new projects have come in and many of them from existing clients looking for more writing from me. Adding this layer of repeat business to the work won from bidding on new projects and I find myself needing some help to take the pressure off.

One of the reasons I started writing was I wanted something to do that I could fit my life around. I spend time in the US but cannot work over there due to visa restrictions and writing is exempt from the necessity of gaining a work permit from our American cousins. I also have a young family and since I sold my old business back in 2003 I wanted something that would allow me to spend more time with them. I’d done the workaholic impression in my 30’s and now they deserved more time with dad.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a work balance that gives the freedom to spend the time with my family that I originally thought. Work keeps coming through and I just have not learned to say no to the money yet. It goes against my grain!

Last week, two things happened that have stirred my imagination. The first is that I believe I can earn a far better rate for my efforts and I am going to start looking at work for publication in “real” publications off the web. I’ve completed my apprenticeship in terms of gaining business and earning a living with writing and I have no fear of asking a magazine or journal to buy my work. This will be a big challenge – to get my name in real print.

I’ll be posting about my progress, or lack thereof, as I try to convince publishers that my writing is interesting enough to help sell their publication.

The second thing that has hit me as I reflect on the week that was, is that I need to do something about the workload.

I’ve been here before, about twelve years ago I started up a business in financial services. I just wanted to work for myself and enjoy the freedom that self-employment brings with it as well as the financial rewards. I had a degree of success and ended up employing 16 staff and tearing my hair out with handling people – man management is not necessarily my strongest trait.

So here is the conundrum. Do I start saying “No” to work or find someone I can sub-contract the work out to?

I have no answer to this particular riddle yet; however, it is definitely something I will have to decide upon soon or the decision will be made for me by default.