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Planning a Document

Anyone who travels around a lot knows that planning contributes towards making the trip a success. Certainly, the unplanned jaunts and routes taken in a trip come as side-kicks or bonuses— in both ways, making your trip ripe in experience. However, without the bone structure of planning you will fall face-down-in-the-earth. The foundations of any

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Cooking for Writers: A Recipe for a Great Paper

Writing for a writer becomes a habitual process where the flow comes and just gets rolling. Pages and pages full of words course from our brains and through our hands in no time at all. It’s like giving a knife to a cook. The meal doesn’t take long at all to be ready. Staying with

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5 Tips for Writing with Persuasion

My bread and butter is writing sales copy or at least promotional copy of some description and that accounts for the vast majority of the demand in the market for scribblers today. It makes sense to pick up on some techniques for writing in a persusive fashion – it makes no sense to write something

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It is not always appealing to always write just about technical information, whether it is in parts or in detail, especially when you are writing a technical document. If your thoughts are clearly communicated through your writing, then it is likely to be understood and read by a wider audience. So, as a writer you

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Aristotle Returns – Brainstorming with Relationships

Aristotle wrote about brainstorming a couple of thousand years ago. He didn’t call it brainstorming, but “Common Topics” as part of his work on rhetoric. These common topics are relevant today and summarise the use of definitions, relationships, comparisons, testimony and circumstances as tools to use to question our topic and approach it from different

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The Five Most Common Errors

Grammatical errors can show you up to be disinterested in your writing. They can detract your credibility and make your work look immature. In cases of blog writing or creating web copy, the case is pretty much the same. People will not read your blog, or subscribe/link to your blog if you make silly mistakes

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Library of books on the internet

The Internet: Biggest Resource on the Planet?

Today, the Internet stands as the single most useful place for resources. If you are in front of the computer and logged onto the Internet, then you have access to the biggest library, providing you with information about everything. This is the reason why online dictionaries have marched ahead of traditional paper-based ones. Online libraries

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a photo of books and glasses of a writer

At The Bar of Writing Opinion

I came across a quote attributed to Daniel Boorstin who was Chief Librarian of the US Library of Congress. He used to start writing at 5am. He wrote a couple of books that did reasonably well, The Discoverers and The Creators, what they are about I have no idea. When asked why he wrote and

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Moving Off The Web

  Looking for Writing Work in Traditional Publications I have a Hollywood friend, Dawn Willson, over from California this weekend. Dawn has worked in television for fifteen years as a researcher, writer, production assistant and now acts as a producer for a private indie outfit in LA (Hub Media).

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