Wikipedia: Fact or Opinion?

I’ve just concluded a writing assignment of a deeply technical nature. The assignment was in two parts, first of all dealing with the need for Solvency II in the context of life insurance companies and secondly, the factors that persuaded the Massachusetts legislature to implement a mandatory universal healthcare system, the first US State to […]

The Dynamics of Writing an Article: And How it Applies to Today

The art of writing articles has changed a bit due to the internet explosion. Yes, it still works the same way in many of the traditional venues. But, articles have changed mainly because of article submission sites and blogs. Many people in the internet world consider blogs to be articles and in some ways they […]

Defeating Prevarication and Stating a Position Improves Your Credibility

You are a writer. OR In my opinion, as you use the written word, then perhaps you should be considered eligible for the title “writer”. Which statement makes you feel like you really are a writer? Me, telling you that you are a writer or me, waffling about an opinion I have, that maybe, possibly […]

The Language of Pop Culture – Should You Use Proper English Only?

Should we use street lingo in our writing or not? Is our use of fashionable vernacular simply lazy English or a case of reflecting reality and freeing expression from the constraints of grammar Nazi’s? There are as ever, two sides to the argument for and against the use of improper English; slang, street words, internet […]

At The Bar of Writing Opinion

Writing is a skill you need to practice and experience; writing takes time and effort notwithstanding around in bars!   Before I get told off about a silly mistake with notwithstanding, that was deliberate.. honest 😉   You can read all you want about creating killer sales copy, erudite academic tracts, essays that garner top […]