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Asserting Your Rights Over Your Document

Copyright is literally “the right to copy” and the laws that govern the reproduction of material. Reproduction of your work without your knowledge is a violation of copyright law. Copyrights may subsist in a wide range of creative, intellectual, or artistic forms or “works”. They include poems, plays, paintings, sculptures, photographs, musical compositions and other

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The Importance of Creating Paraphernalia of Your Hobbies and Interests

There are many ways with which we can fuel our interests and writing. For instance, we all have our favorite hobbies and tastes. Let us take them one by one and research them. Whether it is chocolate, dogs, sports cars or butterflies, let us dig deep into our objects of adoration and find everything we

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Online Writing Showcases

Squidoo & Zimbio There are so many writing resources online that you can’t shake a stick at them all. When it comes to getting yourself noticed there are some online tools that are invaluable but they will take some time and effort for you to acquaint yourself. There are two sites that I’m going to

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The Loneliness of a Long Distance Writer

Are words best written alone? I’m pretty sure that my title is not an original one. Writing requires concentration and effort especially if like me, writing has been something to do as part of a job rather than something performed for pleasure. The truth is that as a professional writer, and by that I mean

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The First Draft: Writing With Precision And Passion!

Often, potentially brilliant pieces of writing are discarded because they seem amateurish and lack a ‘final polish’. We often end up spending very little time minute details, as silly mistakes can make even an amateur’s work look like one written by an expert, so long as it is edited correctly. Do not let your manuscript

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Write With Passion, Not Complusion!

Writing is an art that you will learn to develop with time and effort (if you’re a beginner, then the latter may be a bit of hard work). There are certain tools and techniques, which you can pick up in order to master this art. Constructive criticism, feedback, and valuable tips can help writers to

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Blogging for Pay

Blogs are a steady source of income for a new writer A blog is an online diary crossed with a dynamic web page and the word “blog” is actually a contraction of “web log”. The practical result is a web site that allows a user to post their content and at the same time use

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Writing Tips – Addition to Supaproofread

You will see that we are constantly updating the supaproofread.com site with new and interesting content. We’ve just added the writing tips section, which provides hints and tips for writers, whether you’re writing for business, academia, yourself or your employer. These tips range from 10 tips to proofreading you paper to the main differences between

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Manage Your Time, Your Writing Environment and Yourself

Writing for profit is a serious business I’ve learned by experience that when I’m in writing mode there are certain things that have to be done. Go to my quiet room; Turn off the TV and music so there are no distractions; Have a cup of Earl Grey; Take a cigarette break every hour for

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