Rewrites: Easy Money or a Waste of Your Time?

I’m frequently offered writing projects that involve “minimal research” or “most of the work has been done” and by the time I’ve waded through the hype, it simply boils down to a buyer looking for a rewrite of existing material. The money tends to be low because you do not need to do so much […]

The Dynamics of Writing an Article: And How it Applies to Today

The art of writing articles has changed a bit due to the internet explosion. Yes, it still works the same way in many of the traditional venues. But, articles have changed mainly because of article submission sites and blogs. Many people in the internet world consider blogs to be articles and in some ways they […]

Your Home based business: Do you know what you are doing?

A business of your own can be extremely rewarding. There is a certain satisfaction of knowing that all of your long hours and hard work will only be benefiting “you” and not nameless, faceless executives. But, is your business benefiting you the way you want it to? There are millions like you who own a […]

Generating Interesting Articles and Titles – Part Two

  Delving into parts we should not have to reach….colon cleansing made “interesting” My previous post provided some generic formulae widely used for generating articles and titles that readers are attracted to. As a professional writer, you are not always in a position to pick and choose your assignments and you may be faced with […]

Mistakes That Ruin Your Writing Credibility

The following are the most common mistakes that people make when writing for fiction, a manuscript or looking to promote a book title.   Poor grammar, spelling, typos and usage One of the basic aspects of writing is being grammatically correct, without making silly spelling mistakes. The single most common error that people make is […]

Generating Interesting Articles and Titles – Part One

  Colon Cleansing is not a pleasant subject but…….. As a writer for hire, you may have some choice over your subject matter, but realistically you’ll take any work that pays what you are looking for. It’s a stark choice between paying the bills or not and like someone said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve […]

What Not To Do When Writing For Children

Yesterday I was going through a book written for children. Interesting, but not captivating enough. Writers make the mistake of underestimating the quality of work when it comes to writing for children. That doesn’t make sense, as right from the beginning children should be accustomed to reading quality writing. Hence, I would like to enumerate […]

Characterisation And Its Uses

What is a character? The writer uses many ways to convey the nature of a character. It’s quite obvious he is unable to attach a photo of his character to a book or manuscript. However, there are ways in which a character can be described and written about that enables readers to visualize the character […]

Writing: A Career Scope

Writing as a career has no boundaries. An affinity for writing is something those who wish to begin their career as a writer should have. Other necessary traits include the ability to express ideas clearly in writing, self motivation, creativity and curiosity to know more and write more. To begin with, editors and authors are […]