Freelance Writer is Not Code for Unemployed

I pounced on that and told them proudly that I was a freelance writer. The usual raising of eyebrows and looks of interest made me feel like I was the house cat that had been dyed pink to make a conversation piece. After answering the questions that flow from the status of being a freelance […]

Writing the Professional Project Proposal

If you are competing in the freelance market, you will need to know the basics of a professional project proposal. No matter where you find yourself, you have to carry your business presentation in a very high manner. You cannot afford to drop your professionalism just because everyone else around you is wasting their efforts. […]

Getting a Portfolio Started

Building a professional writing portfolio is rather difficult when you try to break through into publishing. Magazines turn you down left and right. Publishers won’t even look at you most of the time without an agent. You’ll soon learn that in this industry, you’ll get so many rejections before you get one acceptance. But, that […]

Read This Now – It’s for YOU!

Read this because it’s for you – yes, YOU! You’re here because you write and are looking for some perspective and resources. I know that because this is a writing site and blog – easy enough for me to know who you are. Now ask yourself this question – Why are you reading this NOW? […]

Helium – A Writers Marketplace?

Helium has just turned one year old. You may have seen the Google adsense marketing blurbs when you are researching writing and resources for writers, and I think they are probably the number one writing services advertiser at the moment. Helium is a site that allows you to submit your articles in anticipation that they […]

First Writer & The Written Road

I came across two websites that I think you’ll find interesting and useful – is packed full of publishing resources while The Written Road provides a wealth of information on how to go about becoming a travel writer. This site does require a subscription but it is very modest at only $2.99 but […]

Knowing Your Literary Terms

When you are constantly going from one project to another, you’ll hear different wants and needs. If the writing projects you are viewing are more like novels and documentaries, you may hear some terms that you have never known at all. So, let’s hone your knowledge of literary terms you may run into from time […]

$600 in One Day for Research You Could Do

I was hired to perform research and present the results in a format provided to me by my client and in return I received my second highest pay day yet. I have just completed this GetAFreelancer project which did not involve much in the way of writing. In fact, I probably delivered less than 500 […]