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Going Off At a Tangent

Twisting ideas to promote your client By now, if you have been reading my posts, you will have gathered that I am not a so-called “creative writer”. I do not produce literature. I have no burning desire to write a novel, unless it’s guaranteed to be a bestseller ,which will keep me in the style

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Blogging Tips That Work

Writing Blog Posts is Short and Sweet I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that a writer needs to be opinionated and forceful if they are to be successful. When it comes to writing blog posts you really must be awake to the audience you are writing for and this writers maxim

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Manage Your Time, Your Writing Environment and Yourself

Writing for profit is a serious business I’ve learned by experience that when I’m in writing mode there are certain things that have to be done. Go to my quiet room; Turn off the TV and music so there are no distractions; Have a cup of Earl Grey; Take a cigarette break every hour for

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