Planning a Document

Anyone who travels around a lot knows that planning contributes towards making the trip a success. Certainly, the unplanned jaunts and routes taken in a trip come as side-kicks or bonuses— in both ways, making your trip ripe in experience. However, without the bone structure of planning you will fall face-down-in-the-earth. The foundations of any […]

Your Home based business: Do you know what you are doing?

A business of your own can be extremely rewarding. There is a certain satisfaction of knowing that all of your long hours and hard work will only be benefiting “you” and not nameless, faceless executives. But, is your business benefiting you the way you want it to? There are millions like you who own a […]

Seven Business Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

While indulging in business writing, you have to take care of some dos and don’ts. You should take special care that your writing is effective in persuading your clientele, rather than driving your client to reject your business proposal. You should also ensure that the tone in which you are writing your business proposal is […]

Creating a Good Business Blog

Blogs are a great tool for building communities, interacting through them and even marketing the services you provide – they often produce both good and bad results. If you want to gain readership from your blog, you’ll have to be a bit more adventurous in the content you produce, have an easy design and market your […]

Good Marketing Concepts Make All The Difference

Here are some web marketing concepts that make a difference. Adopting them might just pave the path to your success and of course, customer satisfaction.   Think audience and not market Have you ever been asked by a web consultant what your market is? Is it 20-year-old college students, or 35-year-old women who hate their […]

Copyright – A Must For Internet Safety

It is a common trend, today, that online content is often found to be republished on other websites without permission being asked from, or credit given to, the original author of the writing. As more professionals make their work available online, protecting it is of primary importance. It is imperative that writers and publishers take […]

The Importance of a Marketing Plan

For a business to be successful, it must first be successful in marketing itself. Companies who hurl ahead of others have invariably started with a marketing plan. A marketing plan should be ideally referred to by the company on a monthly basis to enable the company to operate and function smoothly, but a bi-monthly plan […]

Winning Business As a Freelance Writer

Plain Business Etiquette I’ve mentioned previously that I have been spreading my wings and venturing into new areas looking for business. Primarily this has been based around the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) knowledge I’ve been accumulating, but it has brought home to me a reminder of my very first weeks writing for pay. Making initial […]