Stopping readers in their tracks! Advice for internet writing

Internet writing is not as easy as it first appears. Writers who write articles for the internet have to keep some things in mind. It is essential for you to realize that you have 5-7 seconds to capture the attention of readers, otherwise they will move on. The internet, being the way it is, enables readers to go on and look for other articles and information from other sites. In this article I will be discussing some of the key areas that one has to look into when writing for the web.

Similar to all other forms of writing, the headline of a page or blog post is the most important. It either makes or breaks a reader’s interest – if readers like the headline they will carry on reading, otherwise they will just click onto something else. Don’t try to be cute when it comes to headlines and never use funny phrases, especially if they are confusing. You should write a headline that people can associate with, something that fits the topic you are writing in. Use key words such as love, anger, mistakes and truth. These words, when used properly, can actually be effective in grabbing the attention of prospective readers.

As you are writing for the internet, you should keep in mind the effect search engines may have on the site you are writing on. Be careful of the topic you are writing about. Try and write something that is popular and try and place key words in your article. This really helps when people search for keywords in search engines such as Google and Alta Vista; thus people can locate your article quicker if they have chosen those specific keywords. Use words that you know people will use when they search for something on the internet. Let us say you are writing a post on ‘food’, make sure that the headline has something about food as well as in your first paragraph. Use this word innovatively in your article so that it blends in, and does not become too repetitive.

Be very careful in the arrangement of paragraphs. Your first paragraph must be able to expand on the interest that you have generated in the reader. Try not to change the topic and cram too many ideas into the first paragraph. Try and keep your language simple and your writing fluid. Add more interesting facts that your theme demands. Once you know that the reader cannot leave your article and go away, then experiment with it.

Let us say you have started with a keyword ‘sea food’, do not just rush into a topic of continental food in the first paragraph itself. Be like the tour guide and take your reader on a journey of delicacies that sea food has to offer. Similar to the beginning, the ending has to be crisp and original. This will persuade the reader to come back for more articles from you and you in turn will have someone who will prefer to read your articles, rather than those of others.

You should learn to be specific and focused. You will find that the best article writing comes when you are handling one main issue, problem or desire without losing direction and jumping around. For example, you want to write about dog training, then it will be better for you to focus on one critical problem within dog training, and not try to write everything that you know about dog training in a few hundred words. It will just make your article appear confusing. Keep these points in mind, and you will find internet writing all so easy and interesting.