National Union of Journalists

Why I have never used their site I do not know – I stumbled upon it quite by accident and spent several hours tracing through the links and resources they have.

You can find the site here.

The link is to the media resources for the London freelancers part of the site, but this itself is only a small taste of what is on offer.

As a research resource it is brilliant and I particularly liked the help it gave on how to handle using translation engines. I frequently use Babelfish (Babel from the biblical tower where different languages were spoken and Babel Fish from the Douglas Adams invention in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). I speak rusty French and Jurassic Russian, and use the site when I’m writing or reading material in either language as a check on my own understanding. The advice the NUJ site gives is to use more than one translation engine so you are able to comprehend better the “shadow of meaning” that the words convey. I like that phrase “shadow of meaning” and the advice is sound.

You will find here press and media outlets by the bucket load, home and foreign, with some fantastic resources to gain perspective and help from around the globe. The information is not restricted to simply media with links to political and government organisations as well as others.

Try out the light relief section too for some journalist in-jokes:

“I just wake up in the morning and tell myself, “There’s been a military coup”. An then it all makes sense.”

Unnamed US Department of State official

Of particular note for those wanting a grin, check out the Daily Mail headline generator

Does teenage sex tax your house?

Will Ken Livingstone affect your house price with AIDS?

Could Tony Blair strip the middle class of all dignity?

I could just keep going but I’d better stop and behave myself.

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