Good Marketing Concepts Make All The Difference

a target for marketing businessHere are some web marketing concepts that make a difference. Adopting them might just pave the path to your success and of course, customer satisfaction.


Think audience and not market

Have you ever been asked by a web consultant what your market is? Is it 20-year-old college students, or 35-year-old women who hate their husbands? Alternatively, maybe the question itself is wrong. The web is not about markets at all, it is about targeted audiences. In this case, audiences need to be understood, entertained and engaged. In case your pitch doesn’t do that, you are never going to establish your goal! Start treating web visitors as an audience and not as market, and in due time you will find what it takes to be triumphant on the Web.

Think people and not customers

Have you ever wondered why half the people you attract to your website (through painstaking SEO changes), hardly buy anything? It is because they have been treated more like customers than people. Yes, that’s right. By people we mean two-legged creatures looking for their needs and desires to be fulfilled, by you helping them spend a little money of course.

In case you didn’t already know, they too are looking for the best deal where they have to spend as little cash as possible. They avoid those websites that want to take away their hard-earned money with poor deals. Start treating web visitors like people who want their needs and desires satisfied by you. Surprise of surprise, maybe this will be your giant leap towards web success!


Think emotion and not logic

You think you are a logical person making the most logical and rational decisions, think twice. What about the way you splurged at Disneyworld when you went for a vacation – Can you explain that with sheer rationality? I guess not. When we usually do something, we do it based on what we want and eventually try to rationalize it. My point is – stop trying to appeal to the practical and logical aspects of sales, and start with emotional marketing as soon as possible. Try to understand the emotions of your customers rather than trying to adopt a practical attitude. Try addressing the audience with an emotional view in mind and see the marked difference in your success.


Think marketing and not search engine optimization

I am sure your sole motive is to bring as many people to your website as possible. However, your task does not end there as much as you would want it to. In fact this is where it begins. Attracting more customers is definitely your aim, but if your marketing message is confused and unfocused, due to keyword density and SEO tricks, you have achieved nothing other than wasting other people’s time. This will result in precious loss of potential revenue, so you need to convert your visitors into customers.


Think focus, not confusion

I know you would love to go on and on about how wonderful your company is, and what you can do for your customers. However, the problem is that relaying this to the customer will just end up confusing them. So, tell them just what they want to know. Tell them about the product or service you are selling, and why they should buy it from you; be sharp and professional. This is where you should spend your marketing and promotion efforts. This is exactly what you want people to think about when they see your company logo, so focus your communication; don’t confuse customers with irrelevant details.