Getting a Portfolio Started

Building a professional writing portfolio is rather difficult when you try to break through into publishing. Magazines turn you down left and right. Publishers won’t even look at you most of the time without an agent. You’ll soon learn that in this industry, you’ll get so many rejections before you get one acceptance.

But, that comes with the territory. You have to put on your coat of armor and learn not to take too many things personal. To learn a little bit about getting published, it’s somewhat like becoming a model. Watch shows that are designed to educate the public about the modeling industry.

When you watch a model get prepared for a shot and then go through the shoot, you see an individual being told how to look and how to act. Later, after the shots are developed, she gets both criticized and praised at the same time. One critic says that the look in her eyes just doesn’t sell the product, it isn’t about the client at all. Another critic says that the look is special, it has all the emotions the client wants. Which one should she believe?

The fact of the matter is that in modeling, it’s a very fragile and inconsistent world. Egos are constantly being tested and easily destroyed. Also, no one person’s opinion is the standard. One client might want the blonde, “Barbie” type model to promote their products while another might want a very different type of model. “Barbie” even gets rejected every once in awhile.

That’s how the writing industry is. That’s why you have to be tough and you can’t take too many opinions personal when it comes to your work. For one thing, your writing might not be what one publisher wants but it is ideal for another. Just like the next reason that one critic might not like your writing, but another loves you.

One rule of thumb is to learn the criticism that works to make you a better writer. Disregard criticism that has no meaning to your writing purpose or style. Once you’ve learned to survive the criticism, start building your profile in ways offered to writers in this day and age.

To become an expert author on, you have to submit ten articles and have them approved. You don’t have to submit them all at once. Take your time, follow the guidelines and make sure that it is your best writing. You’ll get exposure through because the articles are syndicated. Any Ezine can pick up your article as long as they keep your byline intact. That can mean thousands of readers exposed to your writing besides each article building your body of work.


Another article submission site with a positive reputation is In order to become a Content Producer on, you have to submit six articles and have them approved. Then, your work is published automatically. Your work is not syndicated, but you can publish your work anywhere else that you want. The great thing about is that you actually get paid by the site. You can get paid upfront for a piece and you can get paid per view of your work. Some writers on are making several hundred dollars a month just from writing what they want to write and letting others read it.

Become a published author and publish your first book. It has never been easier to get a book published than through But first, you have to write a book. It is not that hard if you just get to it and do it. Promise yourself that you will write six pages a day at the very least. If you have never written six pages in a day, work your way up to it. If you want to be a professional writer, you are going to have to learn to love writing. Most writers can produce far more than six pages a day. But, that’s a good start. Once you’ve written your first book, visit and get it published. You can design your own book cover or use one of theirs. You will have to learn a few other steps too, but has an answer for every question you have. Just learn the process and get published. Now, you’re a published author.

You can build your profile with a well-written blog and you can find other ways as well to add to your building body of work. But once you get a substantial amount of work, you’ll have the confidence to start putting in proposals for freelance work. Now, you’re growing your portfolio with far greater experiences and before long you will be well on your way to landing any opportunity you want.