First Writer & The Written Road

I came across two websites that I think you’ll find interesting and useful – is packed full of publishing resources while The Written Road provides a wealth of information on how to go about becoming a travel writer.

This site does require a subscription but it is very modest at only $2.99 but you get full access to a whole range of literary services. I particularly liked the very neat search engine for picking out magazines, newspapers and agents that may be interested in your work. With the search engine facility, you can narrow down a publication that accepts unsolicited approaches, work out how much you’ll be able to charge for your work – personally I think this alone is worth the subs.

Fiddling around the site, I checked out the writing competitions on the search facility and I was simply stunned at the number of poetry competitions that are being run both in the UK and the US. In the UK alone, for the month of December I counted over 20 before giving up and there were even greater numbers of fiction writing contests. Unfortunately for me, I don’t produce fiction and wouldn’t know a haiku if it stood up and bit me.

Undeterred by my literary disinterest, I had a good look around the search facilities that allow you to short list publications interested in non-fiction. There are are dozens of magazines and newspapers that accept submissions plus untold numbers of online publications too.

If you are serious about finding an agent, then just take a look at this link to the firstwriter site

They’ve very neatly categorised agents between the UK and US as well as sorting them out into topics of interest so if you are on the hunt, they’ve performed most of the legwork for you.

As another way to gain some exposure for your work they also provide an opportunity to contribute to their newsletter. Unfortunately it does not pay but I’m going to submit a couple of things myself in the hope of gaining an extra credit for my CV.

The Written Road

I stumbled into writing because I needed something to do while I am in the US – I’m unable to work there due to visa restrictions but writing is exempt as a working activity. As I’m planning on heading back to the land of Uncle Sam and cheap “gas” I’ve been researching travel related punblications in the hope of producing some travel pieces.

The Written Road was a little short on paying work but they do have a really good resource section. For no cost, I recommend this site but you have to dig around it to get to the little gems in there. One of the links I followed through took me to a blog/site called Vagabondish which provided some very useful advice on travel writing.

Like there are plenty of opportunities for no-pay article contributions if you are looking to gain some extra exposure in the market.