Are you ready to graduate?
Are you ready to graduate?

Well, it’s that time again for undergraduate students in the UK and abroad to submit your dissertation research paper to your academic institution. At Supaproofread, we want to remind you that all of those endless nights spent in front of your computer screen shouldn’t be thrown away without hiring a dissertation proofreading service to review your work.

You’ve finally done it, hurray! Starting the process of researching and writing your academic research paper was probably really difficult. I know it was for me when I attended university a few years ago; it was very daunting as an undergraduate, as I had only written three-thousand word essays in my first and second years, so ten thousand words seemed quite a lot! Also, the fact that I had to conduct lots of primary research for the paper made the entire process a hassle — oh, and the hypothesis had to be original… It isn’t until you get past the data processing and start to actually write an evaluation of the research that you have collected until you finally, I believe, gain a true sense of the research paper and overall process. Your mind is numb with the questionnaire or survey you changed at least 20 times, and SPSS annoys you because ‘it just doesn’t seem to work for me’. We’ve all been there, and some of us have chosen to return to do it time and again for higher qualifications such as a master’s degree or PhD. It does get slightly easier, but it’s also a pain.

So, your brain has been focused mainly on your dissertation over the last month, and probably for most of the last year by concentrating on what you have to write. However, it’s now nearly time for submission – do you really think you will be able to spot all of those errors you made? Some critical parts of your research findings chapter have to be ‘just right’ to ensure the marker and other potential readers understand what you mean when you conclude your paper. This is a key part of your work and you want to ensure it turns out right. After all, you want your dissertation supervisor/marker to award you the highest possible grade, don’t you? Well, help them do just that by conveying your arguments succinctly.

Did you also know that 10 percent, yes 10 PERCENT, of your final mark awarded for your dissertation or thesis is directly related to the spelling, punctuation and grammar of your paper? This is why editing and proofreading companies exist for students, because hiring a professional can have a drastic impact on your dissertation grade and thus your final classification. You wanted a 2:1, not a 2:2, didn’t you? Well, even if you’re ‘not that bothered’, I’m confident that the large corporate employer with a graduate programme you want a place on would be bothered, and he may just give ‘your place’ to someone who is.

You see, it isn’t just about a simple review of your work by a professional proofreader, but someone who is passionate about his/her subject. As a student, you need to submit a final paper that reflects all of your strengths and doesn’t let your reviewers down because you were too tired and ‘word-blind’ to spot the errors in your paper.

If you’re confused about finalizing your dissertation, you’re not sure whether your research paper has all of the key elements that a dissertation is supposed to have then take a look at the following video presented by Dr. David Knauft from the University of Georgia. In this lecture presentation, he discusses why you need to plan out your dissertation paper and what steps you should take to ensure you are submitting the best academic research paper you can.

We know you’re going to find this usual, and don’t forget to make a few notes.

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