Creating a Good Business Blog

screenshot of blogger websiteBlogs are a great tool for building communities, interacting through them and even marketing the services you provide – they often produce both good and bad results. If you want to gain readership from your blog, you’ll have to be a bit more adventurous in the content you produce, have an easy design and market your blog.


What will kill readership?

What kills a good blog writer is their inability to address their target audience, this means that you have to be clear about the content. If you are not focused, you’ll confuse and lose readers. Grammar is the key in making your blog look professional and typos are another concern for bloggers. Even the most cautious writers have a slip here and there, and this really murders the entire blog.


Professional or Amateur?

What separates the professional from the amateur is the length of blog post, which should be ideally not too long, but just right. The attention span of most people won’t be for long, so keeping the posts short gets you a greater reader base. You also have to keep in mind that you are not just writing for a search engine, so emphasize those keywords, but keep the writing interesting as well. The mantra of getting results from your blog is to keep posting new content. Where most people fail is that they lose interest because it takes time and energy to keep a good blog going. So, keep posting and you will eventually get readers commenting the information you post.


The Design of the Blog

Another important feature of posting is to keep in mind the design of the blog. It is a crime not to have the name of the author in the tag line or somewhere in the blog, especially if it’s a business blog. Blogs without photographs are less visual because they do not enhance your credibility and a very important feature of blogging is the post title. Readers must be able to grasp the gist of an article by reading its headline. In fact, they should be allured by it. Avoid humorous headlines that make no sense and are non descriptive in nature. When you write you should also keep in mind that blog updates through RSS or email is very essential, so a subscription is important especially if it is a business blog. There should be a certain structure in the approach.


Use your full name

Using first names often confuses new readers, so it’s important for bloggers to keep in mind that there are new readers reading your blog, as well as people who have been reading your blog since you started writing it. A very essential feature of the web blog is to introduce a timeline – a calendar that reviews your posts in chronological order, this provides references to earlier blogs that readers have a choice to go and read. Remember, you can refer to a post you made two years ago, if you think it is relevant.


How to market your business blog

The marketing of a blog is a must for business bloggers, otherwise your blog may suffer the fate of hundreds of other blogs that are abandoned after several months, due to the lack of communication between the blogger and readers. What you’ll need to do is to submit the blog to blog directories and ping each time a new post is published.

This helps in maintaining communication with readers on a regular basis. Web blogs should also have a list of their favorite blogs or websites because this helps the readers in identifying with the blogger and the types of material he or she is interested in reading. This establishes in creating a one-to-one relationship between bloggers and each of its readers. So get started….and… blog….blog….blog… till you drop.