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The Five Most Common Errors

Grammatical errors can show you up to be disinterested in your writing. They can detract your credibility and make your work look immature. In cases of blog writing or creating web copy, the case is pretty much the same. People will not read your blog, or subscribe/link to your blog if you make silly mistakes

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Student Writing Advice: What You Need to do to Write Better

It is essential for student writers to maintain a schedule when they are enrolled in a college/university course that involves writing. You should set aside time to research and write everyday, I know it sounds strange but it’ll help, otherwise what generally happens is commotion and drastic things happen when you’re about to submit your

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Going Off At a Tangent

Twisting ideas to promote your client By now, if you have been reading my posts, you will have gathered that I am not a so-called “creative writer”. I do not produce literature. I have no burning desire to write a novel, unless it’s guaranteed to be a bestseller ,which will keep me in the style

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Top 10 Beginner Writing Tips

Writing in English as a beginner is always challenging. We’ve listed some short tips below.   1. Be Clear About What You’re Writing As a writer you need to be very clear in your mind about what you want to write about. If the concept and purpose of your intended material is steady and clear

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Blogging for Pay

Blogs are a steady source of income for a new writer A blog is an online diary crossed with a dynamic web page and the word “blog” is actually a contraction of “web log”. The practical result is a web site that allows a user to post their content and at the same time use

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Writing Tips – Addition to Supaproofread

You will see that we are constantly updating the site with new and interesting content. We’ve just added the writing tips section, which provides hints and tips for writers, whether you’re writing for business, academia, yourself or your employer. These tips range from 10 tips to proofreading you paper to the main differences between

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Who’s Going To Pay Me To Write?

Right now, at this very moment, we are living in a time when there is unprecedented demand for written content. Demand is so high that even a Third World native with a very basic mastery of English can make a good living from writing. As a native English speaker, you are going to have a

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