Freelance Writer is Not Code for Unemployed

I pounced on that and told them proudly that I was a freelance writer. The usual raising of eyebrows and looks of interest made me feel like I was the house cat that had been dyed pink to make a conversation piece. After answering the questions that flow from the status of being a freelance […]

Wikipedia: Fact or Opinion?

I’ve just concluded a writing assignment of a deeply technical nature. The assignment was in two parts, first of all dealing with the need for Solvency II in the context of life insurance companies and secondly, the factors that persuaded the Massachusetts legislature to implement a mandatory universal healthcare system, the first US State to […]

Rewrites: Easy Money or a Waste of Your Time?

I’m frequently offered writing projects that involve “minimal research” or “most of the work has been done” and by the time I’ve waded through the hype, it simply boils down to a buyer looking for a rewrite of existing material. The money tends to be low because you do not need to do so much […]