Blogs! Can they form a career option?

Today internet writing is a reality. Even a few years ago, internet writers, especially bloggers were not deemed as writers who could make a difference, but today, with the explosion of information that the internet has created, online writing has finally come of age. Bloggers today can make a living out of writing and blogging. Although this concept is still very new to the people in many countries, I believe that everything takes a while to start off, and after a certain point in time when people see that it is effective, it becomes popular.

If individuals concentrate on what they intend to do with their lives and the difference they can make if they think a little differently, then they have a certain urge to work harder. Blogging is this volatile domain that is getting ready to erupt. Although the eruption has started, until and unless more people see the difference it can have on the lives of bloggers, they will not give it a try. Today, people who are into blogging can see a future in writing, and there are cases where people have already started to make a living out of blogging and online writing. As I would put it, “blogs don’t just know or imagine the future, they make it happen”.

Blogs act as a tool that allows strangers to discuss your work and the availability of it without any encumbrance. They traverse through our society’s normal conventions and make people realize that there are different ways to let your work reach the masses.
When one browses through the internet you think what one is doing is looking for information, but there’s a lot more to it as well. People look for similarities, similarity in stories, thought and expression. People do not like to think alone, and they would be overjoyed if they found someone with ideas that they have been nurturing. These give bloggers an interesting area to work on. If your blog posts reflect the interests of key people in your marketplace, they will probably want to check your background, qualifications and your availability!

Today, networking, both social and corporate, is the key thought process. Everybody wants to be part of a social network and usually blogs become the home of people who love to network. Networking would be to describe the fascinating effect of individuals using their interest, cognition and exuberance to quicken their career passages.
The whole industry, I believe, has since grown up around the word ‘Networking’ and that blogs are where they choose to stay. If you need a result, then you need to blog.

Blogs not only lay down the platform for you to socially interact with a number of people, but make money out of it as well. Blogs give you the power and authority to publish your work similar to a website. It gives you the accessibility to work as a website, thereby attracting more readers and viewers. So keep blogging – you never know where it will take you – remember, the network’s the limit!