10 Ways To Optimize Your Blog

There are millions of blogs out there. Getting your blog noticed is easier said than done. However, you need not feel overly pessimistic, as there are many ways of getting your blog noticed and making it stand out.

Getting excited over a new blog is like getting excited over nothing at all. The journey seems to have begun for you and by writing a blog, you have just about started to gain an audience and have the pleasure of seeing your name in print. However, do you think that is enough? Will you end up writing to yourself for the rest of the year? Winning readers and RSS subscribers is how you measure your blog and how you know if you’re not the only person reading your work.

It’s all about performance oriented results nowadays. So the big question is – how do you get the results? There is no one fixed way of getting things done when it comes to making your blog successful. In case you want to gain success with your blog, it is best to take tips from those who have already walked these paths before, making mistakes that you would potentially make. I’ve set out a few ideas below, from various sources on how you can optimize your blog and generate traffic.


1. Create Tag Pages & Tag Clouds

You can use software that allows you to add this when writing a post in WordPress. Once you have created these tags, you will need information on interesting areas of your tag. Some bloggers claim that adding this feature has doubled traffic to one of their blogs.


2. Create a Related Post Feature

You can add a “related post” feature, or on demand book publishing for your blog. By using this feature, you can view the last 5 related posts from your blog. This feature is rated highly by bloggers and blog readers, and draws traffic to those five featured links.


3) Use Top-Ten Posts

You can also a top ten-post feature, to display the most popular posts. This can encourage bloggers to post more often and post quality information; it will also create a well-appreciated sense of competition.


4) Use Post Buttons

You can add “next” and “previous” post buttons. This is implemented for the ease of use for your readers, but you will be surprised at how easily it will add to your traffic.


5) Get That Traffic Flowing

Utilize inbound links from other blogs and websites. Bloggers prefer if they find relevant links on the blog itself. This way they save a lot of time and effort searching elsewhere. This in turn increases the popularity of your blog as well.


6) Claim Your Blog

A brilliant idea is to claim your blog at Technorati. You can use Technorati tags as well, which makes it possible for you to generate interesting and intriguing things.


7) Use Title Tags

There are various plug-ins, which allow you to assign unique title tags to individual posts.


8). Tool-up

You can use tools to find out what the most interactive and influential bloggers in conversation are. You can refer to them in your site and engage in conversation with them.


9) Use Sticky Posts

You can also use sticky posts that pop up at the top of the page as a means to add a keyword rich introduction to category pages. Various plug-ins allow you to do this.


10) Sort That Blogroll Out

Get yourself enrolled in other bloggers blog rolls. You can also be part of an online community to promote your blog, such as MyBlogLog.